Halls Gap Community Preparedness and Resilience Project

Project Overview

Safer Together has provided us with funding to undertake a series of capacity building activities as part of our Halls Gap Community Preparedness and Resilience Project to further enhance community emergency preparedness and resilience.

This will allow us to conduct research, facilitate workshops, technology and community led collaboration within an emergency space which affects us all each year.

We recognise the enormous amount of local knowledge that exists within our communities, and it is crucial to the success of initiatives such as this that community is a valued partner in both delivery and anticipated outcomes. 

Two facilitated community emergency preparedness workshops were held in Halls Gap in January and February 2023. Some very productive discussions were had, social connectivity being one of the key issues raised by participants. Community members then got together to organise a highly successful community BBQ in April and a third workshop in May. These community members now make up the 'Snappy Gappians', a new group who aim to progress issues raised by the community during the workshops, with social connectedness being a key theme. If you are interested in joining or assisting the Snappy Gappians, or just to find out more, please email snappygappians@gmail.com
Council will continue to support the Snappy Gappians and the Halls Gap community on their resilience journey.


The council is developing a digital application to help better prepare and connect communities. The app is currently focused on Halls Gap as a pilot community, with a view to expand shire-wide in the future. 

The app is designed to be a one-stop shop for local information where you can check an online community noticeboard, receive notifications about events occurring locally, and access all the resources you need to help you be better informed and prepared for emergency events. 

If you are interested in providing input by testing an early version of the app, please contact:

Kelly Boladeras, Emergency Management Officer
03 5358 8743

As a result of the first two community workshops, people connected with CFA Community Safety Engagement Officer Nicole McGrath, who provides fire planning support to individuals looking to improve personal planning for their family and property in Halls Gap. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact:

Nicole McGrath
03 5329 5518
0419 952 242