St Arnaud

St Arnaud Recipe Card

Winner 2010 Tidy Towns Awards - Cultural Heritage Award and Water Wise Award

Location: 240km NW of Melbourne

St Arnaud's development commenced with the gold rush of 1850. Originally named the New Bendigo Goldfield, the settlement was renamed St Arnaud shortly after, honouring the commander of the French Forces in the Crimean War - Jaques Leroy de St Arnaud - Marshal of France and a senator. He lies buried in Les Invalides in Paris, along with Napoleon.

Many streets in the town are named after British military leaders involved in the same war.

Over the years, modern facilities have been subtly introduced to the town, without detracting from the old world character and charm associated with its past history. Like other towns born in the gold rush, St Arnaud is richly endowed with solid civic buildings, hotels and stores lavish with cast iron lacework. Another unique feature of the town is the bushland which completely encircles it, providing habitat for many native animals and plants.

Gold detecting areas still remain close to the town. The St Arnaud area is also surrounded by wonderful wetlands, rivers and lakes including Teddington Reservoir, Avoca River, Lake Batyo Catyo, Lake Wooroonook, Volcano Reservoir, Lake Jil Jil and Walker's Lake.

Things to do

  • Historic Pebble Church
  • Gold Detecting
  • Historic Town Walk
  • Bell Rock Picnic Area
  • Wildflower Viewing
  • Queen Mary Botanical Gardens
  • Pioneer Park - Edna Walling Design Garden
  • Look out for Kyle Torney Artwork on selected buildings around St Arnaud's Napier Street and beyond

Major Events

  • St Arnaud Harvest Festival - late January early February 
  • St Arnaud Agricultural Show - October
  • St Arnaud Country Music Festival- November
  • St Arnaud Harness Racing Pacing Cup - November
  • Easter Tennis Tournament - Easter