Navarre Recipe Card

Navarre is located centrally in the shire, midway between the two main towns of Stawell and St Arnaud, on the Stawell-Avoca Road.

Navarre has a population of approximately 100 people. It is a rural town surrounded by some of the shire's most viable agricultural land. The township is linear in shape following the Stawell-Avoca Road.

The landscape of the town is flat, with the land in the immediate district flat to undulating. The main road running through the town is very wide, providing for a service road for residential properties, a wide median strip which incorporates a gazebo and barbecue and a two-lane road for the main road. A newly constructed all abilities toilet is located in the wide median strip near the children's playground, handy for travellers and community during activities such as the annual Australia Day Breakfast. 

Navarre has a community co-op as its retail hub which acts as the post office, service station, general store and licensed bottle shop. Navarre has a well developed and well used public hall, a primary school and a recreation reserve with clubrooms, toilets and grandstand.