Unsafe trees to be removed

Published on 13 October 2015

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A number of trees will be removed at the Stawell Cemetery and Stawell Caravan Park after safety assessments identified them as high risk due to their poor condition.

The location of the trees puts the properties and people beneath at risk.

Mayor Cr Murray Emerson said the trees needed to be removed for public safety.

“The 17 trees at the caravan park are all sugar gums that have poor branch attachments due to lopping. This was an accepted practice many years ago but the resultant regrowth has created poorly attached growth which is highly prone to failure,” Cr Emerson said.

“The 18 recommended removals at the cemetery are a mixture of pines and cypresses that have reached the end of their manageable life.

“They are either dead or in various states of decline, making the risk to the public and property beneath unacceptable,” he said.

Works are expected to be undertaken this month.