Council reviewing tyre stockpile report

Published on 30 November 2015

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Northern Grampians Shire Council is reviewing the outcomes of a report produced by Hyder Consulting on the facts, issues, and opportunities surrounding the Stawell tyre stockpile.

The report found a number of potential solutions to reduce the risks associated with the stockpile, including coarse shredding and disposal of the tyres to a licensed landfill, removal of tyres to a secure, licensed containment facility, thermal treatment of the tyres to recover materials and energy, and mechanical processing of tyres to recover materials.

Mayor Cr Murray Emerson said the report also identified key components of any future management solution.

“Any plan for the management of the stockpile will need to effectively remove the risk it currently poses to the Stawell community and will be compliant with statutory environmental and health and safety regulations that control the management of end-of-life tyres in Victoria,” Cr Emerson said.

“It will also need to be executed within a realistic timeframe to remove the risks associated with the stockpile sooner rather than later.”

The tyre stockpile is owned by Dr Matthew Starr of Used Tyre Recycling Corporation (UTRC) who has expressed intention to shred the tyres to produce recyclable resources.   

“The current owners are taking significant action towards meeting the requirements of the EPA’s notices, including developing an Emergency Management Plan that has been endorsed by the CFA. We applaud their efforts thus far and look forward to continuing to work with them,” Cr Emerson said.

Under the State Planning Policy Framework, UTRC will require a planning permit to develop a recycling facility or transfer station on the current site. It is likely that if the planning permit is granted, a building permit will also need to be obtained.

Council is continuing to work with the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and a project control group to achieve the best outcome for the tyre stockpile.