Babylon boost for St Arnaud

Published on 27 February 2018

St A Main St

St Arnaud traders and community groups have reaped the economic benefits of the second Babylon Music Festival, with an estimated 5000 people passing through the town.

Festival organisers say close to 6000 music lovers descended upon the Northern Grampians Shire for the three-day festival - an increase of close to 2000 patrons compared to last year’s event.

Business owners and community groups say the increased patronage and spending brought on by the festival has provided them with a significant economic boost.

One community group say they have made a “very healthy” profit from the weekend, delivering a much-needed surge in fundraising.

“In terms of economic benefits, the event is fantastic for the local community,” a spokesperson for the group said.

“We made a very healthy profit, and speaking to other community groups, I know that they all did well out if it too.”

Babylon’s organisers are set to deliver another boost for a number of St Arnaud community groups thanks to the festival’s Community Fund, which will split $8000 raised by charging for car parking between the St Arnaud Community Action Network (SCAN), the St Arnaud Community Resource Centre and the St Arnaud Hospital.