Action Steel Industries Pty Ltd


Action Steel buildings have many benefits for you.

•Protect your valuable assets.

•Image ... an important part in today's business world.

•Increases your property value.

•Keeps your equipment resale value high.

•Boosts morale.

•Increases profitability and productivity.

•Provides shelter and protection.

•Secure investment.

•Invest your Superannuation Money in a building.

From your initial contact with us through to completion of the building, Action believes you deserve personal attention and quality assurance.The Action Steel quality is evident:

•Hot dipped galvanised universal beam columns. (The ultimate corrosion protection.)

•Galvanised open web truss design. (Optional UB rafter - hot dipped galv of course.)

•Advanced CAD design structures.

•All plans and computations provided.

•Fully manufactured in our custom built facility.

•Professional erection teams to erect your building.

•Registered Building Practitioner.

We all agree that the taste of quality is what endures - so don't just "buy a building" - invest your money carefully. Go for the long haul. Insist on Action.


20-24 Playford Street,  Stawell 3380  View Map

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