Workshops and grants open for small-scale pig and poultry producers

Published on 08 January 2019

Workshops and grants open for small-scale pig and poultry producers

Small-scale pig and poultry producers within the Northern Grampians Shire are being encouraged to attend a workshop being developed by Agriculture Victoria to help obtain land use planning permits according to the 2018 planning reforms for animal industries.

The support program includes a grant program, with producers only being able to apply for funding once they have attended a workshop. The grants are up to $3,000 (excl. GST) and can be used for eligible expenses related to on-farm works, consultancy/advice or training that supports preparation of a planning permit application.

The workshops will not only help producers prepare their planning permit application, but also identify on-farm works, advice and other activities that may be required to support their application.

They will also provide information on how to manage environmental, amenity and biosecurity risks.

Kara Kara Ward Councillor, Tony Driscoll said, “We certainly encourage our current chicken and pig producers, and indeed those looking to enter the industry, to take up this opportunity to get help with their planning permits and the chance at some financial support as well.”

“The workshops are free so it’s only time that needs to be invested to take part in this program.”

Producers can visit for more information or to enrol in the free course, with locations such as Bendigo (21 February) and Horsham (6 March) being the closest proximity for shire residents.