Weekly Football and Netball Update - 6-7 July

Published on 09 July 2019

Weekly Footy Update - 6-7 July


Navarre: 7.8 (50)

def by

Harcourt: 28.22 (190)

Goals: A.Slorach 3, J.Driscoll 2, A.Squire, D.Flanagan.

Best: J. Robinson, D.Flanagan, A.Slorach, M.Grinham, B.Parry, R.Bibby.


Stawell Swifts: 11.7 (73)

def by

Natimuk United: 11.8 (74)

Goals: B.Martin 3, Jakob Davis 2, J.Salmi, T.Matthews, Joshua Davis, A.Leslie, S.Carey, D.Parkin.

Best: B.Hargreaves, Jakob Davis, D.Folkes, D.Parkin, Z.Salmi, N.Pickering.

The Swifts will wear a special jumper this Saturday at North Park to celebrate the 1989 premiership, where they will be running around in the old red and blue. They’ll also be holding a premiership reunion for the 1989 ADFA Senior Football premiership (30 years), A Grade and Under 18s netball premiership (30 years), along with the 1999 A&B grade netball premierships (20 years).  Their annual Ball will be on at the Stawell Town Hall that evening.

In the netball the club’s current A, B, C, C Reserve and 17 & Under teams are all challenging for top six positions.

Stawell Warriors - Bye

Great Western - Bye

St Arnaud - Bye


Navarre - 22

def by

Harcourt - 82

Goals: S.Bibby 10.

Best: S.Bibby.

Stawell Swifts - 49

def by

Natimuk United - 64

Goals: M.Armer 29, J.Ralph 20.

Best: E.Freeland, J.Ralph.

Stawell Warriors - Bye

Great Western - Bye

St Arnaud - Bye


Stawell Pioneers Soccer Club - Bye