Stawell Sports & Aquatic Centre to go 24/7

Published on 09 October 2018

Stawell Sports & Aquatic Centre to go 24/7

Stawell Sports & Aquatic Centre (SSAC) is going 24/7 on October 19, giving its members even more flexibility with how and when they use the precinct’s gym.

The move to make the facility accessible 24/7 was borne out of feedback from shift workers and parents, who said that they’d use the facility more often with the added accessibility.

Stawell Ward Councillor, Karen Hyslop said, “This is going to give people a lot more choice and convenience when using the gym facility at SSAC.”

“Hopefully this will also enable our community to start thinking more about health and fitness and give them every opportunity to achieve their goals.”

With SSAC already having low membership fees, no joining fees or lock in contracts, the new upgrade makes the centre an even more enticing prospect for those looking to boost their physical activity levels.

To set up the infrastructure for 24/7 access, emergency exits were upgraded, along with an all-accessible change room. Nine security cameras have also been installed to ensure member safety.

Should assistance be required outside of staffed hours, a duress station has been set up where members can push a button that directly alerts council’s security monitoring company. Several portable duress alarms will also be available to members to have on them while they work out.

When members access the gym outside of staffed hours, music and lights will automatically turn on. The centre will continue to be staffed 14 hours a day during the week and across weekends.

Members looking to upgrade their membership to 24/7 access will have until October 19 to register, upon which a new access fob will be issued and a full induction undertaken.

New members will also have until this date to sign up for free, after which a fee will be incurred for gaining the higher level of access.

For more information on SSAC and how to become a member, head to