Shire farmers encouraged to apply for drought funding

Published on 08 January 2019

Shire farmers encouraged to apply for On-farm Drought Infrastructure funding

Farmers within Northern Grampians Shire continue to be encouraged to apply for the Drought Infrastructure Grant Program with grants up to $5,000 still available from the Victorian Government.

The grants, which require at least dollar for dollar co-contribution funding, are designed to assist farm businesses implement on-farm infrastructure that improves dry seasonal conditions management and preparedness.

Currently there is no end date for this grant program, however funding will stop when the pool has been fully allocated. Examples of uptake for the grant program so far include the building of stock containment areas and water reticulation systems.

Councillor Kevin Erwin, Mayor of Northern Grampians Shire Council said, “We’d like to make it clear that farmers in Northern Grampians Shire are eligible for this program, and we encourage them to make use of these government funds while they are available.”

In addition to the grant program, expert technical and business support is being rolled out across the region, with workshops and information sessions taking place to assist farmers in making early farm management decisions.

With mental health being another key focus for Agriculture Victoria, support counselling has been boosted, with the National Centre for Farmer Health working with communities to provide information about health, wellbeing and safety for farming families and communities.

Agriculture Victoria North West Dry Seasonal Conditions Coordinator, Robert O’Shannessy said farmers should, “Make early and informed decisions about your farm management and stay connected to your local community - don’t go it alone.”

You can find out more on the program by visiting