Recent rain brings out the graders

Published on 15 May 2018

Some of the rain we have experienced lately is not just good for farmers, it is also good for grading works.

‘We have received several calls about the conditions of some of our unsealed roads and now that we have had some rain we are in a position to do something about it, Cr Tony Driscoll, Mayor of Northern Grampians Shire Council said.

‘The break in the weather has meant the graders are out working on the roads. The process is much easier during and after rain and saves us a significant amount of money. Grading in the dry costs two to three times more than grading in the wet, Cr Driscoll explained.

To make the most of break in the weather, the Northern Grampians Shire Council has all graders out in force working long hours and even weekends. This has resulted in more movement and machinery on roads, including roads that are usually pretty quiet.

Cr Driscoll calls for motorists to ‘take care, look out for the graders and obey traffic signs to ensure that everyone is safe.’