Halls Gap waste collection day to change

Published on 11 September 2018

Halls Gap waste collection day to change

Halls Gap residents, business owners and holiday makers are being urged to take note of upcoming changes to their waste collection day, which will change from a Friday to a Monday.

The change is set to be implemented for the first time on Monday 15 October to improve waste services.

This is due in part to holiday or weekend accommodation, as bins are being left on the street at vacant properties throughout the week and not being emptied until Friday.

During this time native wildlife have been able to get into these bins, causing rubbish to spill out onto roads.

Halls Gap Ward Councillor, Jason Hosemans said, “The collection day is being changed to a Monday primarily due to a request by local residents and ratepayers, who have noticed rubbish spilling out of bins after being disturbed by animals and birdlife.”

“We think that by changing collection day from a Friday to a Monday, this will alleviate the problem of waste not sitting in bins roadside all week from travellers who stay in Halls Gap for a weekend.”

With this change, the general time for waste collected on Mondays in Marnoo may be later in the day rather than early morning.

Northern Grampians Shire Council is happy to work with residents during the changeover period to ensure a smooth transition and understands that there may be initial teething problems as the days switch over, and looks forward to working with residents to achieve a more suitable and sustainable service.