Stawell Town Plan: A Vision for the Future


Council is undertaking an exciting project to reinvigorate the township of Stawell to guide future development and encourage visitors and locals to once again fall in love with the town.

The Stawell Town Plan: A Vision for the Future will inform future development and investment with a particular focus on the town centre and Western Highway precinct to make Stawell a better place to live, work, invest and visit. 

Project Background

The project areas are the main settlement of Stawell including sites such as the Stawell Gold Mine and Airport. The project will explore detailed private and public land use along the Western Highway between Playford and Sloane Streets as well as Seaby Street as the main route into the town centre from the highway.

The Stawell Town Plan will guide future land use to accommodate population and economic growth for the next 20-30 years and inform sites for future development. The town plan includes informing improvements to:

  • Streets and roads for all transport modes
  • Consideration for walking and cycling
  • Public open spaces and exploring community facilities
  • Western Highway Precinct to attract visitors to stay and spend in the town.

In the coming weeks, this project will need input from anyone who has an interest in the future of Stawell. There will be a range of opportunities to be engaged in this project, provide feedback and review ideas. All the updates of future engagement sessions will be advertised on the council website and social media.

Project Timeline

Step 1.Background review and investigations 


Step 2.Draft discussion paper for consultation


Step 3.Community Engagement commences


Step 4.Draft Western Highway Precinct Plan


Step 5.Draft Town Plan 


Step 6.Final Plan


Engagement Timeline

Step 1.Community Bulletin: May - August

Community bulletins will be available electronically for project information and updates. Find them on this website or sign-up to receive updates. 

Four community bulletins will be distributed throughout the project

Step 2.Community Survey: June - July

The survey will be made available online and printed

Written submissions: June - August

Written submissions welcome from groups, associations, organisations and individuals

Interactive mapping tool: June - August

Select a site, landmark or area in Stawell that you like or could be improved.

Step 3.Town Forums: June - October

A series of forums for stakeholders and community will be hosted with local input. To find out when these are on sign up to the community bulletin.

Step 4.Local notice boards updates: May - September

Project bulletins can be viewed via:

  • Community noticeboard at the Stawell Town Hall
  • Council's electronic information board

Step 5.Northern Grampians Shire website: May - December

Stay informed of the project, participate in the engagement and know the outcomes via Council’s “Have Your Say” page via the website.

  • Why is the council undertaking this work now?

Council is aware that there has been a lot of change in our local community recently. Now more than ever it’s important to plan for the future of the Stawell township, what the community values and how the town will be experienced and planned for. This will inform community, business, resident and visitor use and council's future projects.

  • What is a structure plan?

A structure plan guides decision making at a local level by forming an important part of the State Government's strategy to address population growth as well as the housing and employment demands.

  • Who is undertaking the structure plan?

Council is working with Hansen Partnership, Tim Nott Economics and Martyn Group Transport Planning on the project. You can find out about their work here:

Hansen Partnership Website

  • What is an Urban Design Framework (UDF)?

An Urban Design framework involves bringing together ideas and to prepare realistic design concepts based on consultation, research and analysis. A design approach unlocks creativity and allows physical design outcomes to be a higher profile in planning, reflective of local community input.

  • Who can provide feedback on the project?

 Everyone who has an interest in the future of Stawell can provide feedback on the project.

  • I don't have a business or live in Stawell, can I still complete the survey?

Yes everyone is welcome to participate, all insights are valuable; residents, visitors, businesses, customers and all age groups.

  • How can I stay updated on the project?

To stay updated, please visit the council website, check social media updates or register your email address to get the latest project updates.

  • When will the project findings be implemented?

The plan is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year. As soon as it is endorsed by the council, the implementation process as suggested in the plan will commence.

  • What about social distancing and being involved in local workshops?

Social distancing measures will be adhered to during the engagement. The project team has a range of innovative ways to be involved with virtual workshops, online surveys and mapping exercises that can be undertaken without face to face contact. 

  • What platform will the virtual workshops be using?

Stakeholder and community workshops will be hosted via zoom. You can install it now.

Install Zoom

  • Who is funding this project?

The council received grant funding from two different funding streams of the State and Federal Governments: 

Federal funding: ‘Building for Better Regions Fund’ Program to prepare a plan to enhance the gateway of Stawell around the Western Highway. 

State funding: ‘Streamlining for Growth’ Program to prepare a structure plan for Stawell.