Sloane Street Development

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Sloane Street Stawell was rezoned in 2013 to accommodate the changing needs of Stawell and council sought Expressions of Interest to sell the land for development due to an increase in activity in Stawell and the trend data which shows a lack of available accomodation within Stawell.

PassivePlace was selected as the preferred developer for the Sloane Street development project in the Stawell Township in November 2019 as a result of the expression of interest campaign the council conducted.

PassivePlace has proposed an exciting Regional Zero Carbon Communities Housing Project. The development model draws on PassivePlace’s unique approach to building an environmentally resilient and diverse housing mix, which will enhance the long-term viability of the district and facilitate the delivery of identified housing needs in the area.

Trend analysis shows Stawell has a significant potential for economic growth due to the projected employment opportunities with recent projects such as the Bulgana Green Power Hub, Stawell Underground Physics Laboratory, Stawell Gold Mine, Frew Group expansion the Nectar Farms Project as well as a number of large infrastructure projects being delivered in the region. Nevertheless, this potential is being hamstrung by a lack of affordable, inclusive and environmentally sustainable housing and accomodation. 

Project background

Northern Grampians Shire Council established there is a need to provide for the residential growth of Stawell through the development of eight hectares of council owned land fronting Sloane Street, Stawell. The site is serviced and sits on a gentle slope overlooking the Grampians and Black Ranges.

The development of the site represents a magnificent opportunity to create a vibrant physical environment, which will be seen as a model for residential development throughout regional centres and encourage community pride.

The site was rezoned in 2013 to a Residential 1 Zone and has the potential to allow the development of between 60-110 dwellings.

The site is located in close proximity to the Western Highway, Stawell and consists of eight hectares located in Crown Allotments 1 and 2 Section B, in the Parish of Stawell and being the land in Certificate of Title Volume 9571 Folio 453. Interested parties should express interest on the assumption that the land may be developed for any permitted use for a Residential 1 Zone that meets the general objectives of council.

Insufficient supply of housing for employment growth and key workers, scarce appropriate accommodation for the ageing population, limited access to low energy, quality and comfortable housing are some of the concerns consistently being raised as issues in the consultations. 

Through a diverse mix from long term rental and transitional housing, downsizing and retirement options, to market and traditional housing as well as accommodation for key workers, the project is expected to generate 374 direct and indirect jobs created over its lifetime, deliver key community infrastructure, facilitate 126 ongoing jobs after completion, and bring an estimated $58.48 million in economic value to the region during construction and $10.82 million annually on an ongoing basis or an estimated $112.58 million in economic value to the region over 10 years.

Project Timeline

Step 1.Land Rezoned

Step 2.Development Project EOIs sought

Step 3.Development Project awarded

Step 4.Council Co-design and Masterplan Initiation

Step 5.Business Engagement

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Step 6.Community Engagement

Step 7.Masterplan and Engagement Process Complete

Step 8.Detailed Planning Application Submitted to Council

Step 9.Planning Approval

Step 10.Construction Begins

Step 11.Construction Complete

Project objectives

Council wishes the developer to achieve the following objectives:

  • To provide a diverse housing mix to meet a backlog of demand.
  • To create a physical environment which is regarded as a model for residential development throughout regional Victoria and that encourages community pride.
  • To extend council’s passive recreational areas and facilities and provide for the establishment of ancillary facilities including accommodation.
  • To assist in the development of economic activity and opportunities for local businesses.
  • To provide a viable and functional development of quality and design and provide a development which will serve the Northern Grampians Shire community and reflect community needs and aspirations for the future development.
  • To construct the development as quickly as possible while having regard to the required quality and design standards and to commercial viability.
  • To complement the planning objectives of the council for the area.
  • To encourage developers to make innovative proposals for the use and development of the subject land, subject to planning constraints and recognising the community focus and needs.

About the developer

Drawing on principles of deliberative design and development, PassivePlace’s place-based community co-design processes ensures that the values and needs of the community will be reflected in the neighbourhood design as well as ensuring that the environmental and sustainability of the proposed project will be of the highest standard. 

Since February 2020, PassivePlace has undertaken detailed consultation with over 30 stakeholders in the region to understand local accommodation issues and need. 

Through its co-design process, PassivePlace is committed to resolving the current housing market dysfunction in the region, facilitating cost of living relief, as well as delivering comfortable and ultra-low energy housing for the town to grow and thrive. 

PassivePlace recognises that community input is central for this project to create a caring, happy, healthy, inclusive and livable neighborhood.

It is therefore looking forward to undertaking a formal engagement process, through workshops, forums and interactive maps, with the broader community and bring those inputs to the masterplan of the project.

As part of this engagement process, PassivePlace will also invest in the design work and massing of the requested accommodation needs and discuss potential commitments and partnerships with local employers, community cohorts, and residents. 

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How long has this development been rezoned?

This and other land was rezoned in 2013.

How many blocks can fit on the land?

60-100 residential blocks depending on design.

Does there need to be any open spaces?

Yes, it is preferred that there will be green open spaces provided as a part of the development.

Does the sewer and water need to be upgraded in this area?

Yes, GWMWater has undertaken the initial planning for this. 

What is the valuation on this land?

Valuation at this stage is unavailable as the formal completion of the site has not occurred.

Will there be any specific requirements for the development?

Yes, negotiations will be undertaken with council around the housing mix, the development timelines, open space design and management etc. 

Will a permit be required?

Yes, the development must comply overall with the council’s planning scheme and relevant building codes.

Will council provide support to a developer?

Council will look at all formal expressions of interest (EOI). Each EOI will be assessed by council and confidential negotiations will commence with the applicant who best responds to council’s needs through the EOI process. 

Where is the site?

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Why does the land need to be developed?

Residential rental market is currently at 1% vacancy.

What’s in it for the community?

  • Opportunity for growth 
  • Positive employment and economic outcomes during construction
  • Increased population