Stawell Parks Precinct Master Plan

Become involved in the development of the Central Park, Cato Park and Maud Street Dams Master Plan.  

Participate in community consultations as an individual, group or organisation.

Project details

Central Park, Cato Park and Maud Street dams currently provide a great opportunity for organised and casual community participation.

There has been significant work and consultation undertaken in recent years to identify that the Central Park, Cato Park and Maud Street dams areas are suitable sites for the development of new and improved community infrastructure to house and accommodate the current and future needs of a range of users.

This project is for undertaking community consultation to inform the development of the master plan. The community will develop the vision for use of the space to inform the future master plan.

The consultation will be undertaken from mid-September to the end of November in various formats such as site visits, the NGSC website, social media, drop off boxes and a formalised reference group.

All age groups, participants, abilities, interest groups and individuals are encouraged to provide input for this important community space.

EngagiNG timeline

Step 1.Community site walks

10 September - 12 October 2018

Partake in a walk to discuss how the space is currently used and build a vision of how the precinct could be utilised in the future. Walks will be conducted at 10am4pm and 6pm.

Group bookings

Invite your family, friends, local social group, work colleagues, fitness group, dog walkers, residents, book club, art group or students for a group booking. If you require an unscheduled time this can be negotiated with the Project Manager.

Step 2.Shop 108 Main Street sessions

17 September - 20 September 2018
11 October - 12 October 2018
22 October - 26 October 2018

View the sitemap and work with council officers at 108 Main Street to set a vision for the space.

Provide written and verbal feedback on the master plan.

Step 3.Conversation box

12 September - 12 October 2018

Prefer to provide constructive written feedback? Put pen to paper and drop this into one of the conversation boxes which can be found at:

  • Stawell Sports & Aquatic Centre
  • Stawell Neighbourhood House at the Powerhouse
  • Stawell Town Hall reception
  • 108 Main Street sessions
  • Stawell Library 

Step 4.Northern Grampians Shire Council website

12 September - 12 October 2018

Provide input via the EngagiNG feedback form on our website.

12 September - 30 November 2018

Project updates on the consultation undertaken, findings and draft plans developed.

Step 5.Master plan reference group established

8 October 2018

Step 6.Draft master plan developed and released for comment

12 October 2018

Step 7.Master plan reference group led engagement and review of draft plan

November 2018 - February 2019

Project timeline

Step 1.Community engagement and consultation

September - November 2018

Step 2.Establish master plan reference group

October 2018

Step 3.Draft master plan produced for comment and feedback

October - November 2018

Step 4.Final Central Park, Cato Park and Maud Street Dams Master Plan

January 2019

Step 5.Master plan submitted for Council briefing

February 2019