Halls Gap Preparedness and Resilience Project

Project Overview

Council has been funded to undertake a series of capacity building activities within this project to enhance community emergency preparedness and resilience both at the residential and business level. 

This funding is earmarked to bring research, facilitated workshops, technology and community led collaboration to an emergency space which affects us all, every year.

We recognise the enormous amount of local knowledge that exists within our communities, and it is crucial to the success of initiatives such as this that community is a valued partner in both delivery and anticipated outcomes.

Project Survey

We have developed a short online survey to seek your feedback on the direction of some of the project activities.

Project Presentations

Your feedback and participation in the survey will trigger an invitation to an online, interactive presentation where we will provide further detail about the project and intended outcomes, and give you an opportunity to discuss your views, ideas and recommendations.



The potential design and delivery of Fire Preparedness Information. Concise, easy to carry and distribute resources with relevant bushfire preparedness and response information designed to enhance fire awareness within the residential, business and visitor community.


The delivery of Individual Fire Planning Support via facilitated workshops to help develop your fire plan.


Business Emergency Preparedness and Contingency Planning to support businesses to build resilience in advance of emergencies and get back to trading after an emergency impact.



The delivery of Fuel Reduction Research, focused on identifying sustainable, community informed fuel reduction opportunities, facilitated by the University of Melbourne in collaboration with willing Halls Gap community participants.


The potential establishment of a Halls Gap Community Resilience Group which is community led/owned, acting as the focal point for future prevention, preparedness, response and recovery planning activities for the Halls Gap area.


Begin Survey

This survey has been extended and will remain open until 31 March 2021.