Community Planning

Take your opportunity to have a say in the development of Stawell Town Plan: A Vision for the Future

Visit Stawell Town Plan: A Vision for the Future to see the various ways you can participate in the engagement process. Everyone is welcome to participate, all insights are valuable; residents, visitors, businesses, customers and all age groups. Community Engagement commences June 2020.

Communities throughout the Northern Grampians Shire have been supported to create a detailed plan that is unique to their own community needs. Community planning is a dynamic and participatory process where the community arrives at and documents a group vision, priorities and actions to achieve a positive change that will enhance the well-being of their community. Community plans reflect the aspirations, their strengths, what is special or unique about their community, in particular, the lifestyle, social image, economy, environment, pride, work and recreation.

The community plans have enabled council and government departments to have a greater understanding of the issues that are important to each individual community. This has led to the creation of partnerships between the levels of government and community towards achieving the objectives of the plans.

The communities of Halls Gap, St Arnaud, Marnoo, Great Western, Stawell, Navarre, Stuart Mill and Glenorchy have developed their plans. Other communities within the Northern Grampians Shire can also be supported to develop their plan.

The process towards developing a community plan

Council initiated and provided the means for the development of community plans without influence on the outcomes. The steps in the process undertaken are:

  • Street canvassing of residents and visitors to the town
  • A community summit
  • Community champions of the plan identified
  • Draft plan distributed to the community for comment
  • Follow up the community meeting
  • Sign off by community
  • Formal presentation to the Northern Grampians Shire Council

Community plans

Please click on each town below to download a copy of their community plan.

Community plans are also available from Council's customer service centres in Stawell and St Arnaud or by emailing a request to