The Future Story for St Arnaud

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Become involved in the development of the vision for the future of St Arnaud.  

We invite residents to join council to participate in upcoming workshops to learn about how you can be involved and lead the future for St Arnaud, and to contribute to the development of the St Arnaud Community Plan to ensure it accurately reflects the needs and aspirations of the community.


Project details

The 'Story of St Arnaud' is an exciting partnership opportunity for residents to lead the future of a flourishing St Arnaud.

The previous St Arnaud Community Plan 2009-13 provided the community vision of ‘a strong, progressive and safe regional centre’. Many initiatives such as the Town Hall redevelopment, streetscape improvements and recreation developments have successfully been achieved by St Arnaud and it is now time to build the ‘next chapter’.

St Arnaud community members will have the opportunity to participate in a workshop training series that is built on the underpinning philosophy and belief that everybody has skills and abilities, and that there is no one we don’t need, to fulfil the potential in all of us. 

The three day Art of Participatory Community Building training will teach participants ways to weave, embed and sustain asset based community development, participation and collaboration. The workshop series is open to all community members, free of charge, as an all inclusive program to build the capacity of the community to lead change, and work in strong partnership with council. Many of the challenges faced by individuals and communities require transformational change, and we understand that can only be achieved by focusing on the gifts and strengths within. 

Funded by a grant from the state government, the ‘Story of St Arnaud’ campaign is designed to acknowledge the rich history, the joys of the present life, and the vision for the future of the community. It’s up to the community to write on the pages, and develop the next chapters for the ‘Story of St Arnaud’.

The sessions will take place in the Perry Room at St Arnaud Town Hall from 4pm-9pm on Wednesday 18 September and Thursday 19 September, and Sunday 22 September from 10am-4pm. Two twilight sessions and a weekend session have been chosen to enable more people to attend rather than across three business days. We acknowledge that these times won’t suit everyone, and we encourage people to attend what sessions or part of sessions that they can. 

We will be asking participants to partner with council to further engage the community after the workshop series, and bring together a grand ‘Community Visioning’ day on Sunday 24 November to bring the vision and actions together to continue to write ‘The Story’.

Northern Grampians Shire Council is partnering with local groups and organisations including St Arnaud Community Action Network (SCAN), business traders, sports and recreation groups, community not-for-profit organisations, education, health services and the state government to make this happen.

Project timeline

Community Training Workshops

Participate in the community workshops across three sessions.
The sessions build on each one, so we encourage participants to attend all three (or as much as they can).

Wednesday 18 September 4pm-9pm
Thursday 19 September 4pm-9pm
Sunday 22 September 10am-4pm

Community Visioning Workshop

The fourth community session to bring all our work together into a plan forward for St Arnaud.

Sunday 24 November 10am-4pm

St Arnaud Vision Celebration Event

February 2020

Who can participate?

Everyone. We welcome anyone, from anywhere and of any age including school children.

You may be a current community leader, inspiring leader or have a strong passion for St Arnaud. If you belong to a community organisation or group, you might like to use this training series to help grow your group's purpose, leadership skill, community partnerships and visioning for delivering outcomes for St Arnaud.

Why is this process over multiple sessions rather than one Town Hall session?

The three sessions are training and skill building, combined with vision and aspiration for the community. It takes time and commitment to build participation and leadership skills. We know it’s a big commitment, and in return we promise big outcomes! You won’t regret committing your time to this process. 

Why is local government involved in this project?

Local government plays an important role in ensuring strong economic and community development, across social, economic and built environments. 

What can we expect over the three workshops?

  • An understanding of asset based community development
  • Develop partnerships across the community - individuals and groups/organisations
  • Leadership and facilitation skills
  • Understanding the role of local government
  • Opportunities for the future of St Arnaud
  • Inspiration for innovation 

What’s our long term aim?

For the Northern Grampians Shire to have strong community partnerships to co-design, co-deliver and advocate for a flourishing future for St Arnaud and have a ‘live’ and active community visioning plan for St Arnaud.

Who will facilitate the training sessions?

Michelle and Dee from the Jeder Institute will lead the training sessions. They have been chosen for their strengths based and empathetic approach, community values and proven track record of inspiring community work both in Australia and Internationally.