Stawell CBD Revitalisation Project


The community is invited to stay informed on the progress of the Stawell CBD Revitalisation Project.  The project focuses on the streetscape in Main Street and aims to enhance the attractiveness and functionality of Stawell’s main retail and commercial precinct.


The Stawell CBD Revitalisation Project will complete stages two and three of the streetscaping works in Main Street, Stawell.  

The proposed works are split into two major design areas, being the lower section of Main Street and the upper section of Main Street.

LOWER SECTION: MAIN STREET (from Wimmera Street to St George Street)


This area will involve removing the existing concrete path from both sides of the road and widening the footpath on the South side from 3.4m to 6.2m. This will result in a wider path that can cater for outdoor dining and an increase in car parking as the trees that are now situated in car parks will be incorporated into the path.

The footpath will then be resurfaced with paving to match the current theme of Main Street (red paver with patterns). The road lanes will be narrowed which will increase pedestrian safety and reduce the speed of traffic.

The road will be resealed and new line marking will be undertaken. There are also plans to reconstruct the centre of the roundabout at the Wimmera Street intersection.

UPPER SECTION: MAIN STREET (from Patrick Street to and including Victoria Place)


This area will involve removing the concrete road and footpath for the road reserve width. The footpath will be reconstructed with the red paver and pattern theme. It is proposed that some new outstands will be constructed as seen in the already constructed centre section of Main Street which will allow for outdoor dining.

The road will be reconstructed and sealed which will match the centre section of Main Street. Victoria Place will also be reconstructed as a part of this project and will remain one way. The current road width of Victoria Place will be narrowed slightly to allow for a wider footpath on the south side (ANZ Bankside) and the intersection with Church Street will be reconstructed. Kerb and channel will be installed throughout which will provide a barrier between vehicles and the pedestrian path.


The purpose of the Stawell CBD Revitalisation Project is to:

Enhance the attractiveness and functionality of the main commercial precinct of Stawell.  

Improve the experience of shopping, dining and using services located on Main Street for both the local community and visitors to the region.  

Boost economic growth and provide sustainable infrastructure to the community, which are two core objectives identified in the 2017-2021 Council Plan.  

By enhancing the vibrancy and amenity of Main Street, anticipated outcomes include attracting new investment into Main Street, increasing retail space occupancy rates and encouraging repeat visitation by those outside of the region.


The big picture

RevitalisiNG Stawell and St Arnaud

In recent years, Council and the community have identified the need to address a noticeable decline in the retail sector due to a number of circumstances at a macro and local level. This decline has also been identified in Council strategic documents such as the 2016 Industry Sector Plans (see 'Related Information').

The Economic Development Unit will deliver the RevitalisiNG Stawell and St Arnaud project in order to assist both retail precincts to remain relevant and desirable as shopping, dining and service destinations. The overarching purpose is to enhance the vibrancy and amenity of the two major retail precincts in the Northern Grampians Shire to service not only the local community but entice visitors to the region to return.

RevitalisiNG Stawell and St Arnaud is a broad project in that it will deliver the following sub-projects:

  • The Northern Grampians Shire Investment Prospectus (due for completion in July 2018)

  • A Retail Gap Analysis and action plan for Stawell and St Arnaud (due for completion in August 2018)

  • A new resident and workforce attraction marketing strategy and action plan (due for completion in 2018/19)

  • The implementation of the new Business Assistance Scheme (completed in 2017/18)

  • The Stawell CBD Revitalisation Project (due for completion in October 2018)

  • The St Arnaud Civic Precinct Plan, Market Square and Streetscape.

By completing the RevitalisiNG Stawell and St Arnaud project, we will contribute to implementing two objectives in the 2017-2021 Council Plan:

Boost Economic Growth through:

  • Increasing new investment into the Shire

  • Undertaking a workforce and investment attraction plan

  • Provide support to existing businesses to ensure long-term sustainability.

Provide Sustainable Infrastructure through:

  • Enhancing the natural and built environment to improve lifestyle and visitation.


Community Information Drop-in Session

Wednesday 18 July 2018
Stawell Town Hall Foyer (Entertainment Complex entrance) 5.30pm-7pm 

Community Viewing Post

Thursday 19 July to Friday 3 August 2018 

Shop 108, Main Street, Stawell

Main Street Business Consultation

Ongoing for the life of the project

Project Construction (pending final funding approval)

Mid-August 2018 to 31 October 2018

The project will commence shortly after final funding approval and is due to be completed in late October 2018.

More information on the nature of works and construction timelines will be uploaded soon.

Impact on Main Street businesses

Council staff began consulting with businesses in Main Street in March.  It is anticipated that there will be minor disruption to businesses and Council staff are working with individual businesses to minimise impact to operations.

More information will be uploaded soon.


Impact on community

There is likely to be an impact on traffic, car parking and access to shopfronts for the construction phase of the project.  A timeline with anticipated impacts will be uploaded soon.