Town Hall Kitchen refurbishment

Unlocking the Town Hall’s Potential

St Arnaud Civic Precinct Plan consultations prioritised extending the use of the Town Hall facilities for conferences and other activities. Events are an important driver of regional tourism. Almost a quarter of Australians have been to at least one event in a regional area over a two year period (‘Events: Drivers of Regional Tourism’, Tourism Research Australia, August 2014). 57% of first-time visitors to a region say an event was the main reason for visiting, and most event attendees say they intend to return to the destination in future.

The refurbishment of the Town Hall kitchen into a well-equipped facility with modern and diverse functionality enables community groups to run community activities, concerts, events and corporate functions and supports community based programs. The installation of a new subfloor and commercial kitchen facilities will help achieve these goals. This project will also build on previous works funded by Regional Development Victoria to implement Stage 1 of the St Arnaud Civic Precinct Plan.

This project includes:

  • building a new subfloor capable of supporting heavier equipment
  • renovations to a commercial kitchen standard, including layout reconfiguration
  • stainless steel benchtops and shelving
  • new equipment including fridge, stove and oven, and range hood