Think inside your Market Square



Market Square Gardens Upgrades

As a midpoint between Melbourne and many regional Victorian destinations, including the Silo Art Trail, gold, settler and natural environment features, St Arnaud has the opportunity to become a popular stopping point for travellers, particularly those with caravans and camping trailers. Caravans and holiday makers often park behind the Town Hall in Market Square, where there is a children's playground, skate park, trees and benches for picnicking.

The community have expressed a strong need for further development of Market Square, including options such as barbecue facilities, additional seating, design and construction of an entertainment space, caravan parking bays and tourist information signage.

Council are now seeking community feedback on how residents currently use Market Square, and how the area could be improved for both residents and visitors. All feedback will contribute to the design and plan, known as the Market Square Masterplan. Once this masterplan is completed and shared with the community, the priority projects will be delivered.