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Current space

Market Square, St Arnaud

As a midpoint between Melbourne and many regional Victorian destinations, including the Silo Art Trail, gold, settler and natural environment features, St Arnaud has the opportunity to become a popular stopping point for travellers, particularly those with caravans and camping trailers. Caravans and holidaymakers often park behind the Town Hall in Market Square, where there is a children's playground, skate park, trees and benches for picnicking.

The community has expressed a strong need for further development of Market Square, including options such as barbecue facilities, additional seating, design, and construction of an entertainment space, caravan parking bays and tourist information signage. 



Consultation to date

Think Inside your Market Square Community Surveys

Residents and visitors were asked to 'Think Inside the Square' and tell us about how you use and want to use your Market Square. We had an overwhelming response from the community regarding the space and its future.

Over 55% of individual responses showed that the community enjoys attending events at Market Square with their families. Over 75% of community groups surveyed also said they view Market Square as a valuable community event space.

100% of groups view Market Square as a family friendly and green open space and 60% of individuals value its central location.

40% of individuals and 64% of groups want BBQ facilities for both the community and tourists.

Suggestions for improvements for the space saw 51% of community groups ask for more signage and 45% of individual responders ask for refurbishment of the sound shell for events.

Market Square Workshops

Community Development Officers also ran workshops with groups from St Arnaud Secondary College, St Arnaud Primary School, St Patrick's Primary School, St Arnaud Kindergarten and St Arnaud Early Learning Centre.

These sessions showcased the vibrant future of the space with groups asked to draw their dream Market Square. Responses ranged from disability swings, reading nooks, half basketball courts, lookout towers and water parks.

We will work with professional park and recreation planners to design the Market Square Master Plan using all feedback received. Once this master plan is completed and shared with the community, the priority projects will be delivered. 




Proposed plan

Highlights of the draft Market Square Master Plan include:

Engaging Play Spaces

Spaces will be created from active, passive, creative, sensory and social types of play. Building on the existing equipment which will remain, there is a new high climbing net, sandpit, in-ground trampoline and basketball half court.

Upgrade Skate Park

An upgrade to the skate park space for use by a broader age and ability range.

Accessible Paths

Wide accessible paths create separation between areas and equipment. Paths double as junior and toddler bike routes.

Performance Area

It’s proposed that the existing sound shell space is recreated towards the south of the park to take advantage of the natural amphitheatre shape of the park. This includes a new shelter for performances or small gatherings at any time. 


The plan includes restrooms, BBQ, shelters, drinking fountains, picnic tables and benches. 

Raised Pedestrian Crossing

An option to have a raised pedestrian crossing linking the Town Hall Precinct to Market Square would allow for right of way for pedestrians and act as a traffic calming device. The plan allows for new parking along the Market Square fence at the Early Learning Centre end. With a small footpath along this section, families would be able to park and enter the Centre without crossing the car park. 

Motor Homes

The car park has been reorganised to include motorhome parking to improve traffic flow.

The project will be undertaken in stages. The stages could include:

Stage 1

Recreation and playground upgrade, pavilion, shelters, furniture, play equipment and landscaping

Stage 2

Install new restrooms, update street signage, earthworks and landscaping

Stage 3

Skate park and senior play area upgrade, extend accessible paths, equipment, structures, courts and fencing, landscaping and minor earthworks

Stage 4

Car Park resurfacing, existing path extension, raised pedestrian, linemarking


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