Halls Gap Village Centre Action Plan: Stage One


$1M State Government funding announcement!

On 31 May 2018 the State Government announced that they will contribute $1M towards the implementation of the Halls Gap Action Plan: Stage One.

The money will go towards capital works for the following projects:

  • Stoney Creek boardwalk 
  • Grampians Road Raised Pedestrian Crossing
  • Southern Gateway Enhancement 
  • School Road Improvements

The Halls Gap Village Centre Action Plan (the Action Plan) looks at the Village Centre of Halls Gap. The Action Plan will identify how Council will deliver ideas in the Halls Gap Master Plan for Commercial Investment and Public Land Development (Master Plan) 2016.

The Action Plan will guide where Council invests money in the Village Centre and which work it prioritises.

Specifically, the Action Plan will steer future access and car parking infrastructure, landscaping, built form and signage design guidelines for the Halls Gap Village Centre.


The project is needed in order to:

  • Establish a vision for the future of Halls Gap Village Centre
  • Transform Halls Gap into an internationally recognised ‘walking town’
  • Improve interaction between Halls Gap and the rest of the Grampians
  • Enhance the function and appearance of the Halls Gap Village Centre
  • Intensify the use of commercial land in Halls Gap
  • Unlock and facilitate development opportunities by improving access and movement outcomes
  • Ensure that the Halls Gap Village Centre remains the heart of the town.


The objectives of Stage 1 are to:

  • Review what existing strategic work for Halls Gap says needs to happen.
  • Engage with key stakeholders.
  • Develop a vision statement and visioning plan for the Halls Gap Village Centre.
  • Understand existing conditions, current urban design constraints and opportunities.
  • Identify priority projects and other initiatives.

Stages and timeline


The project will be undertaken in three stages:

Stage 1

Phase 1: Vision and Ideas

Mid 2017

Phase 2: Planning and Preparation


  • Wider community and stakeholder feedback on priority projects and other initiatives.
  • Prioritise other initiatives into medium and long-term projects.
  • Seek funding for high priority projects.
  • Design specifications for high priority projects.
  • Commence implementation of high priority projects pending funding.

Stage 2

Implementation and Action


  • Scope medium-term projects identified in Stage 1.
  • Seek funding to implement medium-term projects identified in Stage 1.
  • Stakeholder consultation and design/planning of medium priority projects.
  • Implementation of medium-term projects pending funding.

Stage 3


  • Scope long-term projects identified in Stage 1 (phase 2).
  • Seek funding to implement outstanding medium-term projects identified in Stage 1 (phase 2).
  • Stakeholder consultation and design/planning of long-term projects.
  • Implementation.

Project area

The project area is shown on the aerial below and consists primarily of commercially zoned land and associated public spaces.

This area forms a critical part of the township’s fabric, not only as a connective space but also through its contribution to the township’s character and identity and the key driver of the town’s economy.

The project area may extend in future stages of the project.

It is important to acknowledge that within the identified study area, Council is just one of the parties with a responsibility or opportunity to deliver change.

The other key parties include:

  • The independent Committee of Management which has responsibility for the caravan park and recreation reserve (with the exception of the car parking areas and land to the north adjacent to Stoney Creek).
  • Private landowners, who manage the majority of commercial and residentially zoned land within the Study Area.
  • VicRoads which manages the Grampians Road corridor.



A bird’s eye view

A bird's eye view provides a whole new perspective!


Hansen partnership http://www.hansenpartnership.com.au/ has been appointed to oversee the development of the Halls Gap Village Centre Action Plan.

They are one of Australia’s leading multi-disciplinary planning and design consultancies, serving both the public and private sectors and the broader region. They have a considerable record of accomplishment on strategic projects of metropolitan and regional importance and understand planning for regional and rural areas, townships and growth areas.

The project team comprises of Director – Urban Design Craig Czarny http://www.hansenpartnership.com.au/our-team/craig-czarny/  and Urban Planner Jane Keddie http://www.hansenpartnership.com.au/our-team/jane-keddie/.

Local experience

MacKenzie Falls Gorge Trail, Grampians National Park


This award-winning project moulds innovation with a back-to-basics approach to deliver a bold design solution and enhanced visitor experience for one of Australia’s largest waterfalls, located within the Grampians National Park, Victoria. Hansen Partnership was engaged by Parks Victoria to prepare a concept plan for the MacKenzie Falls Precinct, under their flood recovery program after the destruction of a key footbridge in early 2012.

The remoteness of the site and lack of base data meant we had to rely on more basic, hands-on techniques such as on-site visual mapping and photo assessment, which in turn contributed to the delivery of a highly site-specific response.

Hansen’s design included the realignment of the MacKenzie Falls Trail Path and a new footbridge crossing the MacKenzie River. The path alignment identified a more appropriate and interesting route and features a newly aligned footbridge and expanded mesh walkways that are better integrated with the natural surroundings.

Hansen’s sensitive design approach resulted in the delivery of a sound framework for the ongoing management of the area, balancing increased visitor traffic with conservation and preservation requirements.

Construction of the new trail and footbridge was completed in mid-2013.

Mackenzie Falls Walk

The Halls Gap Action Plan: Stage One

The Halls Gap Action Plan: Stage one Consultation Draft was placed on public exhibition from 16-30 April 2018(PDF, 20MB) . During that time, the wider community were invited to share their vision for Halls Gap Village, comment on priority projects and prioritise further initiatives. 

Changes to the Action Plan will be proposed based on community feedback at the 6 August 2018 Ordinary Council meeting.

The Consultation Draft comprises two sections:

  • Part A: Provides some background and contextual information.
  • Part B: Outlines the vision for the Halls Gap Village Centre and actions and initiatives proposed to deliver that vision.

Download the complete Consultation Draft Action Plan(PDF, 20MB) :

Download the Action Plan in sections:

Introduction page 3-4(PDF, 1MB)


Existing Conditions: