Budget 2018/19

Council has put out its budget for 2018/19 for public comment until 21 June. 

Click here to read the budget document. 

 Council Budget 2018/19(PDF, 3MB)

  • St Arnaud Civic Precinct $300,000
    • Town Hall kitchen renewal
    • Market Square development
    • Queen Mary Gardens works
  • Stawell CBD Main Street Revitalisation $1.4 million
  • North Park Precinct
    • Clubroom works
    • Netball court renewal
  • Halls Gap Master Plan implementation $1.7 million
    • Stoney Creek boardwalk
    • Grampians Gateway enhancement
  • Great Western Public Park and Reserve $200,000
    • Netball court upgrade
  • Navarre 
    • Public toilets $52,000

It should be noted that while the significant projects listed above are dependent upon the financial support of both State and Federal Government, Council is confident that its strong advocacy program and positive relationships with both levels of government will secure backing for the majority of these capital works.



Major factors influencing the budget:

  • The 2018/2019 budget presented in this report has been developed through a process of consultation and review with Council and Council Officers.

  • The budget for 2018/2019 has been formed on the basis of a long term financial plan and has been developed in line with the Council Plan 2017-2021.

  • A key element of the Budget is that Council has complied with the rate cap set by the Minister of 2.25%. The rate cap includes the total rates (excluding cultural and recreational land and income in lieu of rates) and the municipal charge income. Waste kerbside collection charges while not included within the rate capping requirements will increase by a similar amount, as will the cultural and recreational land.

  • Recycling kerbside collection charges are also excluded from the rate capping requirements. Inlight of the increased cost to Council to deliver kerbside recycling services, the recycling charges will increase by $34.00 to cover the impact of this increase to the service delivery.

  • No new loan funds are proposed to be borrowed during 2018/2019. Council will repay $322,900 in loans during the year so net indebtedness will decrease from $2,940,200 to $2,617,400 during the period.