Lighting the Regions Streetlight Upgrade

One of the more significant projects that Council is participating in is the Lighting the Regions project funded through the Australian Government’s Community Energy Efficiency Program (CEEP).

Northern Grampians Shire Council is part of a consortium of 16 local government authorities, the Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance and Wimmera Mallee Sustainability Alliance that was successful in securing $5.129 M in funding  to replace inefficient 80 watt Mercury Vapour (MV) streetlights with energy efficient 18 watt LED lights.

Street lighting replacement is one of the largest projects local government can implement to reduce electricity costs.

Lighting the Regions is predicted to be the largest regional streetlight partnership project in Australian history, with an estimated 23,000 street lights set to be changed to more energy efficient lighting technology.

This will deliver energy savings in the region of about 77% with equivalent savings on the cost of energy consumed.

Northern Grampians received $187,000 of the Federal funding for the project. Council's contribution will be approximately $280,000 but this will deliver simple net savings of $2,190,000 over 20 years (Source: Ironbark Business Case). Payback Council's contribution will be 5-6 years.

Overall, the project will result in a significant and direct saving to the community through reduced street lighting energy bills being paid by Council.

Rollout for the first Council commenced in September 2014. Northern Grampians is scheduled to have its changeover commence on July 1st 2015. 

For more information on the project or progress of the rollout, please visit the Lighting the Regions Website (link below)