Fruit Fly awareness

What to do and how to avoid infestation

Danger period

By summer (December to February), fruit flies are likely to be at their most active. In warmer regions, they might have already completed a full life cycle or more, while in cooler areas they might only just be becoming active.

On the hunt

At this time of year, adult flies are feeding, breeding, searching for suitable hosts and laying eggs in suitable host crops. If unabated, eggs are larvae develop in fruit and vegetables.

Bin the bad apples

Pick the fruit with maggots present and place them in a black plastic bag in the sun for two to three days.
Then dispose of the plastic bag in the general waste bin.

Taking action

Preventative measures may include purchasing traps or netting. Fruit fly or insect proof netting is much finer than bird netting and can be brought from some specialist garden centres and online retailers.

Get in early

Additionally to stop the fruit flies from penetrating fruit it may be beneficial to pick the fruit a little unripe as it is much more difficult for the fruit to be penetrated and infested.Allow for the tomatoes/fruit to ripen inside.

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