Public health

Council's Public Health team promotes the health and wellbeing of its communities through a range of public health programs. The Public Health unit works towards the prevention of infectious disease and the minimisation of public health risks throughout the shire. Programs include food safety surveillance, immunisation services, regulation of domestic wastewater disposal, the investigation of infectious disease outbreaks, tobacco education as well as the investigation of public health nuisance complaints.

Food premises and food eEvents

If you are planning to open a new food premises or wish to serve food as part of your accommodation service, there are registrations that you are required to obtain.  You will need to contact council officers to discuss your proposal.


Information for New Food Premises 

Food events

Are you a community or sporting group wanting to raise fund by selling food to the public?  Then the following information will assist you to know your obligations under the Victorian Food Act.

The Victorian Department of Health has developed a short video and interactive website to help community groups understand and meet their food safety obligations when selling food to raise funds in Victoria.

Click on the link below to view the video.  Please contact council if you require further information.

Registering your temporary or mobile food premises in Victoria

Information for community groups and businesses

In Victoria, all food premises are required to have a Food Act registration from their council before selling food. This includes fixed premises, such as cafes and restaurants – but also temporary and mobile food premises such as a food van or a market stall.

What is a temporary food premises?

A temporary food premises is defined by the fas a structure that is not permanently fixed to a site. This includes things such as a tent, a stall or a marquee. Common examples include market stalls or sausage sizzle stalls. 

This also includes the temporary use of a kitchen not owned or leased by the food business. So for example, if you are cooking cakes out of a hired kitchen to sell later, you need to register your use of this kitchen as a temporary food premises.

What is a mobile food premises?

The Food Act defines mobile food premises as a food premises that is a vehicle. This can include food vans, caravans or trucks, coffee vans, trailers and even bicycles.

How do we register our temporary or mobile food premises?

Business operators or community groups wishing to obtain a registration for their temporary or mobile food premises from their local council apply through a website called Streatrader 

Streatrader is a website developed by the Department of Health and Human Services as a resource to facilitate the online registration process for businesses and community groups across Victoria. 

To begin your business or community group’s application for registration, all you need to do is visit the website, create an account and log on. Once you have logged on you will have access to the online application form which will then be lodged to your local council for review. Please see the Streatrader website for a step by step guide through the application process. 

Once your council have approved your registration, you can trade anywhere in Victoria without having to register with another council. 

However, each time before you trade you need to log in to your Streatrader account and complete a short form called a Statement of Trade (SOT), which will ask when and where you will be trading from your temporary or mobile food premises. Your SOT will then go to the relevant council to notify them of your activities in the area. 

For example, your community group may have a sausage sizzle stall registered with your council. For each sausage sizzle your group does you will need to log on and provide the date and location of where you will be setting up your premises. 

Please see the Streatrader website for more detailed information, user guides, free resources and brochures that may assist you in the registration process. 

If you have any further queries please contact the council’s Environmental Health Unit on 03 5358 8700 or 03 5495 1500 or by email

Hair and beauty

If you are opening a business such as a hair salon or beauty salon, you are required to register the premises and comply with the Health (Infectious Disease) Regulations to ensure that you are responsible for the health of your clients.

Bed and Breakfast and accommodation premises

If you are planning on opening an accommodation house like a bed and breakfast or motel, you need to register your business with council.

Septic tanks

To ensure that a new septic tank on your property is installed in line with legislative requirements, it is important that you register your intention with council. Likewise, if you wish to alter your septic tank system in any way, you also need to let us know. For further information, visit our septic system page.

Fees and charges

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