General planning enquiries

Our planning services unit can advise you on whether or not a planning permit is required in your specific circumstances.

A property address or legal description is required for all enquiries, as planning scheme information is site specific. Advice can be provided either verbally or in writing.

Verbal response

If you would like a verbal response, please call the planning services unit on 03 5358 8700.  Please provide us with the following information in order to respond to any verbal information request:

  • Property address or rate notice or Title description
  • Proposed use and or development

Written response

If you would like a written response to your enquiry, please complete our online form below.

A fee of $49 is required and a response will be provided within 10 business days.

Due to the current Covid 19 situation we are currently not charging for Planning Permit written advice.

 Request for written advice >>

Pre-application advice

Our planning services unit offers a dedicated pre-lodgement meeting service to provide applicants with an opportunity to discuss their proposal, prior to submitting an application. Please contact us on 03 5358 8700 to make an appointment.

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