Kindergarten 3 & 4 year old groups

Teachers: Tracey, Chelsea, Christine and Anya

4 Year Old Kindergarten

The 4-year-old Program is licensed to place 30 children per session. Sessions generally operate 4 days per week, Monday to Thursday (depending on the number of yearly enrolments and is subject to change each year). In 2018 the sessions are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Each child is designated 15 hours of Kindergarten per week incorporating three, five-hour sessions. Children attending daycare at the centre may be delivered and collected by staff to their kinder sessions at family’s request. We provide Early childhood education in the areas of language development, early literacy and numeracy recognition.
  • We offer self-expression through art and craft experiences and our music and movement program.
  • Our program and resources promote fine and gross motor development.
  • We have developed a comprehensive school transition and orientation program.

3 Year Old Kindergarten

3-hour sessions are available held one morning per week, 8.30am—11.30am each Friday (this time is subject to change from year to year). The 3-year-old group is limited to 22 children. The Centre holds an enrolment day once per year in September (published in the North Central News) the first 20 enrolments on this day are assured places, further enrolments are placed on a waiting list. Each child participating in the 3-year-old program brings prepared fruit in a container to eat at snack time.

Food at Kindergarten

Nude food lunch boxes will be provided for each child at the beginning of the year to be filled with “Nude Food”children need to bring their own drink bottle filled with water. Lunch leftovers are taken home to clearly show how much has been eaten. Please remember to clearly label all lunch boxes and drink bottles.

Parent / Teacher Interviews

Brief interviews are held at the beginning of the year for parents/guardians of each child. The purposes of the interviews are: To meet the educators; discuss your child’s strengths, interests and needs and for your child to choose a bag hook and familiarize themselves with the room.

Kindergarten Parent Committee

The Kindergarten Parent Advisory Committee is comprised of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and General Committee members. The Annual General Meeting will be held in October each year.

All positions will be declared vacant and members will be elected. The Committee is responsible for fundraising throughout the year. They also liaise with the Northern Grampians Shire Council on decisions affecting kindergarten families as well as organize social activities such as BBQ’s and Christmas concerts for the program, all families are welcome to come along.