Permits and enforcement

Permits are required to be obtained from the Community Safety department for activities as described below. Please complete the appropriate application form and submit with the required fee for consideration.

  • Placing displays or goods on footways
  • Keeping excess animals
  • Street trading/collections/raffles
  • Application for disabled parking
  • Placing rubbish skips on a road surface
  • Activities occupying parking spaces
  • Application for open-air permit to burn in a township or industrial zone (only outside Fire Danger Period)
Please note that permits for liquor consumption in municipal places must now be applied for as part of council's online Venue Hire process.

Exemptions from fees and charges for a temporary permit.

 1. A community group based in the municipality; and

  • the activity is assisting the group or organisation to raise funds that will be used to support the community within the municipality
  • the activity is approved and supported by the group or organisation that is seeking the permit

2. Registered charity.
3. The religious group is registered with the Tax office.
4. Not for profit organisations such as Lions, Rotary, Apex, CFA, Ambulance, SES, RSL, schools, scouts, guides.

Download applications:

Disabled Person Application Information(PDF, 337KB)

Application for a disabled person’s parking permit >>

Application for temporary permit to leave skip or waste bin on Council land >> 

Application for a temporary permit to consume liquor in a public place >>

Footpath use permit application >> 

Application for local laws temporary permit >> 

Excess/Prohibited animals application form >>

Burning of materials in the Northern Grampians Shire

Can I light a fire?

Before lighting a fire in the open air individuals must obtain a permit to burn from council. Permits to burn contain set conditions which must be adhered to.

When do I need a permit?

Rural Living and Farming Zones
Schedule 13 permits are required to burn grass and stubble for farming purposes in rural living and farming zones during the declared Fire Danger Period. Outside the declared Fire Danger Period, land in these zones is exempt from permit requirements. 

Other Zones
Open Air Permits to Burn (under the General Local Law 2012) are required to burn materials on land not zoned as rural living or farming outside the declared Fire Danger Period. Burning in these zones is not permitted during the Fire Danger Period.

How do I apply for an Open Air Permit to Burn?

  1. Complete and submit the application form online/in person.

    Application for open air burning permit >>

  2. Please allow up to five working days for an officer to process your application.
  3. An officer will contact you to advise your permit number.
  4. Once you have your permit number, payment can be made either:
    • In person at Customer Service in Stawell or St Arnaud, or
    • Over the phone by calling Council's Revenue Department on 5358 8710.
  5. PLEASE NOTE: you will not be able to make payment without a permit number.
  6. Once payment has been received, an officer will assess your application.
  7. If your application is approved, an officer will email you a copy of your permit.

Burning restrictions

During the declared Fire Danger Period any person without exception must apply for a permit to burn from the Municipal Fire Prevention Officer.

During days of Total Fire Ban, no person is permitted to light a fire in the open air and severe penalties including prosecution apply for doing so.

Prior to burning

At least two hours prior to lighting a fire, Notice of Intention to conduct a burning operation must be given to:

  • the owner or occupier of land adjoining the property where the fires located and;
  • VICFIRE on: 1800 668 511.

What can I burn?

Only materials which are regarded as organic and dry should be burnt as it is unlawful for smoke to cause a nuisance or be detrimental to the health of another person or property. See the Permit Conditions below for a list of items which cannot be burnt.

How much does the application cost?

 A $52.00 application fee applies for Open Air Permits to Burn, and an inspection may be required in certain circumstances. Please note that this fee is for the application only, and does not guarantee the issuing of a permit.

Enquiries: Northern Grampians Shire Council on: 5358 8700.

For further information, check CFA Fire Restrictions in Victoria. 

Permit Conditions 

  The following conditions must be adhered to when executing this permit.

1. The person performing the burning operation to which the permit relates must be in possession of the permit or a copy of it and present it upon request of any Authorised person.

2. Notice of intention to conduct a burning operation must be given two hours before the burning is to commence-

     2.1. to each owner or occupier of land adjoining the property where the fires located; and

     2.2. Notice of intention to conduct a burning operation must be given to VICFIRE on 1800 668 511.

3. Burning off must not be allowed to cause a smoke nuisance or endanger the health of any other person.

4. Before commencing any burning operation under this permit a fire break must be prepared around the perimeter of the area to be burned, which is not less than three metres wide which must be cleared of all flammable materials;

5.Burning off must not commence before 2.00pm DST or 1:00pm EST.  

6. Every reasonable precaution must be taken that only the material specified in this permit is burned. Any other material catching alight must be extinguished immediately.

7. Until all fires lit under this permit have been completely extinguished—

     (a) The perimeter of the burning area must be continuously patrolled; and

     (b) An adequate number of adults and reticulated water (town supply) or adequate fire suppression equipment or appliances must remain present until the fire is fully extinguished.

8. No person shall burn or cause to be burned any of the following or any substance containing any of the following:  

     (a) any household waste;

     (b) any manufactured chemicals;

     (c) any rubber or plastic;

     (d) any petroleum, oil or derivative thereof;

     (e) any paint or receptacle which contains or which contained paint;

     (f) food waste, fish or other offensive or noxious matter;

     (g) any explosive material or container which may cause an explosion;

     (h) cardboard or newspaper;


     any other material deemed offensive or dangerous by an Authorised Officer of the council.

Local Laws Infringement Notices

If you receive an Infringement Notice you may apply for a review of the decision to serve the infringement notice under certain circumstances (refer to Section 22 of the Infringements Act 2006).

Application for Internal Review of an Infringement Notice >>