Disabled parking permit

Business permits

Business applications for permits can be lodged using the online form.

Disabled person application information(PDF, 146KB)

Business application for a disabled person’s parking permit >>

Individual permits

You need to go to your medical practitioner, specialist, or medical or clinical psychologist who will provide the appropriate completed form for you to submit to council at one of our customer service centres in Stawell or St Arnaud.

Disabled person application information(PDF, 146KB)

Lost/stolen/damaged permits

If a permit is lost/stolen/damaged or otherwise rendered unusable, the applicant or the applicant’s agent must submit a statutory declaration to the council in which the applicant lives, giving details as to why the permit needs to be replaced and accompanied by supportive proof wherever possible. The council will issue a replacement permit on receipt of the declaration.

Permit renewal

Expiry dates have been established for administration purposes as follows: (a) Three years from the date of issue for a significant permanent ambulatory or intellectual disability (b) Six months from the date of issue for a significant long-term ambulatory disability (c) Twelve months from the date of issue for an organisation providing a transport service for people with disabilities.

Permit validity/cancellation

A permit is no longer valid after the expiry date. The permit may be cancelled at any time for wilful misuse or breach of the conditions of use. The issuing council will notify the permit holder in writing of such cancellation and will require that the permit be returned within seven days.