About Local Laws

General Local Law 2012(PDF, 15MB)

The objectives of this Local Law are to provide for –

  • the peace, order and good government of the municipality;
  • a safe and healthy environment so that the community within the municipality can enjoy a quality of life that meets its expectations;
  • the safe and fair use and enjoyment of public places;
  • the protection and enhancement of the amenity and environment of the municipality;
  • the fair and reasonable use and enjoyment of private land; and
  • the uniform and fair administration of this Local Law.

Meeting Procedure Local Law 2009 No 1/2009(PDF, 161KB)

The purpose of this Local Law is to:

  • provide a mechanism to facilitate the good government of the Council through its formal meeting procedure to ensure effective and efficient Council decisions  are made in a manner which acknowledges the role of local government within the Australian system of Government;
  • promote and encourage community participation in the system of local government by providing mechanisms for the Council to ascertain the community's views and expectations;
  • regulate and control the election of Mayor and the Chairperson of any Special Committees;
  • regulate and control the procedures governing the conduct of meetings including:

                (i)   the notice required for meetings;
                (ii)  the keeping of minutes.

  • provide for the administration of the Council’s powers and functions;
  • provide generally for the peace, order and good government of the municipal district;
  • regulate the use of the common seal.