Planning amendment - corner Wills and Brudenell Street, St Arnaud

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Site details

Owner of the site:Department of Treasury and Finance on behalf of Department of Land, Environment, Water and Planning

Planning Provisions

  Current Proposed

Public Use Zone 1 (Other Public)

Industrial 1 Zone


Municipality: Northern Grampians Shire Council


Key Dates

  • Exhibition period: 15 February 2016 – 25 March 2016
  • Public Hearings: Week beginning 11 April 2016
  • Advisory Committee Report due to Minister for Planning: Early June 2016

Information Pack:

The following information will help understand what is being proposed and why the planning provisions were selected.   

How to make a submission

Submissions must be made online using the Government Land Standing Advisory Committee submission form.

All submissions must be directed to the Advisory Committee and will be treated as public documents.  If you would like to make a presentation at the Public Hearing, you must make a written submission and complete the relevant section of the online form.

Further information

  • Questions relating to the site and the selection of the proposed planning provisions, please contact DTF.
    Phone: (03) 9651 2106
  • Questions relating to the Advisory Committee process or timing, please contact Planning Panels Victoria.
    Phone: (03) 9223 5317
  • All other questions should be directed to the Fast Track Government Land Service.
    Phone: (03) 9094 8473