Council Publications

Arts & Culture Strategy 2016(PDF, 1MB)

The strategy sets out the strategic direction for arts and culture development in the municipality.

Annual Report 2016-17(PDF, 6MB)

Council must prepare a report each financial year on the Council's operations to include audited financial and performance statements.

Budget 2017-2018(PDF, 10MB)

Council must prepare a budget each financial year which includes financial statements and a description of the services and initiatives to be funded in order to achieve the strategic objectives set out in the Council Plan.

Community Access Plan 2014-2016(PDF, 827KB)

The plan provides the framework for identifying accessibility issues and addressing these through direct intervention or advocacy.

Council Plan 2017-21(PDF, 2MB)

Council must prepare a Council plan following each Council Election.  The Plan includes the strategic objectives of the Council, the strategies for achieving the objectives for the four year term of the Council, strategic indicators for monitoring their achievement, a strategic resource plan and other prescribed matters.

Domestic Animal Management Plan 201(PDF, 779KB)7-2021(PDF, 779KB)

Council must prepare a domestic plan every four years.  The plan sets out a method for evaluating whether the Council's animal control services are adequate, includes programs for the training of authorised officers and details various programs, services and strategies for animal management. A new plan will be adopted by Council shortly.

Electric Line Clearance Management Plan 2017-2018(PDF, 999KB)

The plan sets out how the Council will maintain electrical line vegetation clearances in the declared areas of Stawell and St Arnaud as required by the Energy Safe Victoria Regulations 2015 and the Electricity Safety Act 1998.

Fraud Control Plan(PDF, 136KB)

The plan clearly documents Council's approach to controlling fraud at both strategic and operational levels and the actions and responsibilities ofr implementation and monitoring of key fraud control measures.

General Local Law 2012(PDF, 15MB)

The General Local Law provides for the peace, order and good governance of the municipality, a safe and healthy environment, protection and enhancement of amenity, fair and reasonable use of private land and protection of assets vested in Council.  

Meeting Procedure Local Law 1 2009(PDF, 161KB)

The Meeting Procedure Local Law provides a mechanism to facilitate the good government of the Council through its formal meeting processes.

Municipal Domestic Wastewater Management Plan 2014-2017(PDF, 333KB)

The Plan outlines the management strategies and actions planned by Council to address identified issues with wastewater management across our communities.  A new plan is currently being prepared and will be reported to Council in December 2017.

Municipal Early Years Plan 2012-2015(PDF, 437KB)

The Plan assists Council to plan, implement and partner with other groups to provide and facilitate early childhood care and education programs in the municipality.

Municipal Emergency Management Plan 2017(PDF, 2MB)

The plan addresses prevention, response and recovery for emergencies within the shire.

Municipal Fire Management Plan 2016-2019(PDF, 12MB)

The plan charts the planned and coordinated implementation of measures designed to minimise the occurrence, and mitigate the effect of bushfire, grass fire and residential and industrial fires in the community

Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan 2017-21(PDF, 4MB)

The plan outlines the strategic direction for Council's health and wellbeing programs and initiatives.

Municipal Strategic Statement 2014(PDF, 5MB)

The Statement outlines the key strategic planning objectives, strategies and implementation mechanisms that, collectively, provide the rationale for policies, land use and development provisions of the Northern Grampians Planning Scheme.  

Open Space, Sport & Recreation Strategy Vol 1(PDF, 1MB) and Open Space Sport and Recreation Strategy Vol 2(PDF, 2MB)

The volumes contain a ten year open space, sport and recreation strategy for the shire and identifies priority projects to support the period 2013-2022, to respond to changing community needs and to increase participation in sport and recreation activities for all members of the community.

Road Management Plan(PDF, 523KB) and (PDF, 5MB)Road Management Plan Road Register(PDF, 5MB)

Council must develop a plan which documents the way in which it manages its road infrastructure. The Road Register contains the specific detail of the road assets for which Council has responsibility to monitor and maintain.

Roadside Vegetation Management Plan 2008-2011(PDF, 3MB)

The plan focuses on the management of remnant vegetation located on rural roads within the shire under the care of Council, outlines the significance of roadside vegetation and recognises opportunities to protect and enhance its values.

Sustainable Assets Management Strategy(PDF, 820KB)

The strategy documents guides the planning, acquisition, operation and maintenance, renewal and disposal of assets to maximise asset service delivery potential and manage related risks and costs over their lives.

Urban Tree & Naturestrip Management Plan(PDF, 3MB)

The plan provides principles and procedures for issues related to tree management, selection, planting, removal, protection and maintenance, risk identification, electric line clearance, environmental and community imperatives and pest and disease control.

User Fees & Charges 2017-2018(PDF, 773KB)

List of fees and charges for Council services.