Stawell Gold Mines

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Newmarket Gold - Stawell Gold Mines

Stawell Gold Mines is owned and operated by Newmarket Gold. Newmarket Gold has three operating mines in Australia, with two sites in Victoria (Stawell and Fosterville) and one site in the Northern Territory. Stawell Gold Mines has operated at its current location for over 35 years, which has involved the progressive mining of gold in a series of above ground open pits and extensive underground workings. The underground decline extends to a depth of 1626 metres below ground.

Stawell Gold Mines (SGM) have taken a leading role in the development of the SUPL opportunity since it was first identified in the 2013 Stawell Gold Mines Future Possibilities Feasibility Study.
Providing extensive in-kind and cash support to the project's development, SGM's support has underwritten the success of the SUPL development.
Thousands of employee hours have been devoted to the project and their ongoing commitment to seeing SUPL constructed and operation is greatly valued by the other partners. 
SGM will undertake the excavation works associated with the laboratory construction during 2016.

You can learn more about the Stawell Gold Mines at its website