Aged & Disability

First-class private and public care

Health services in the Northern Grampians Shire are judged amongst some of the top rural facilities in the State.  First-class private and public medical facilities are provided in Stawell and St Arnaud and caring and professional staff contribute to the Shire's outstanding health services profile. Counselling and other support services are available through our community health centres to provide assistance to you and your family at any time.

Northern Grampians Shire Council Aged and Disability

Stawell & St Arnaud contact number: (03) 5358 8700

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Federal HACC Reform

Victoria's powers of attorney have changed

For more information about the changes visit

To learn more: or free call 1300 309 337.

Take control a guide to making enduring powers attorney

 Heatwave Information and Resources

A suite of communication resources have been developed by the Department of Health and Human Services to encourage and educate individuals and the community to be aware of the impact of extreme heat on human health. The information is available in a range of formats with a number of resources translated. Available via Health Translations to the side of this page.

LGBTI Out & About Community Visitor Program & counselling service

Carers Recognition Act 2012

The Carers Recognition Act 2012 (the Act) came into effect on 1 July 2012. The Act has principles relating to carers, people being cared for, and people in care relationships. The principles are primarily about respect, recognition, support, consultation, health and well being, and ability of carers to participate in education and employment. The Act is accompanied by the Victorian charter supporting people in care relationships.

The Act is relevant for carers of older people, people with a mental illness, people with a disability, and people being cared for in a foster, kinship or permanent care arrangement.

An information kit about the Act, what it means for people in care relationships, and how organisations can meet their obligations under the Act, is being distributed to organisations funded to deliver services and support to carers.

ELDERLY ABUSE - Video Link ('Within My Walls') available in 6 languages:

Within My walls - Turkish                   

Within My Walls - Mandarin              

Within My Walls - Tagalog                

Within My Walls -Serbian                 

Within My Walls -Macedonian         

Within My Walls -Greek