Neighbourhood Safer Places NSPs

Neighbourhood Safer Places (NSPs) - Place of Last Resort



  • It should only be used if your Bushfire Survival Plan fails and you have nowhere else to go.
  • Welfare facilities will not be available.
  • It may not provide shelter from smoke and embers.

    Council has designated the following Neighbourhood Safer Places:

  • Halls Gap - Visitor Information Centre surrounds, Corner of Grampians Road and Heath Street, Halls Gap, VIC 3381.
  • St Arnaud - Lord Nelson Park Oval, Dunstan Street, St Arnaud, VIC 3478.
  • Stawell - Cato Park, Victoria Street, (opposite Haitts Lane) Stawell, VIC 3380.
  • Neighbourhood Safer Places (NSPs) are a place of last resort when all other plans have failed.
  • They can provide some protection from direct flame and radiant heat during a fire but may still be subject to ember attack.
  • NSPs are NOT Relief Centres - there are limited facilities and no support or services are provided.
  • NSPs are not places to relocate to when leaving early.


View Council's Neighbourhood Safer Places Plan(PDF, 588KB)

Community Information Guides (CIGs) have been prepared for St Arnaud and Halls Gap and can be accessed from the CFA website by conducting a search using the words 'Community Information Guides'.