Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan 2017-21

The Northern Grampians Shire Council Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan is a vital piece of planning which maps out the direction our community takes in terms of its health and wellbeing for the next four years. As the links between good health and improved community wellbeing become more and more prevalent, so to does the need for an established plan for the future such as this.

Throughout this planning process, we have engaged the appropriate community organisations and individuals to ensure that this plan is reflective of the wants, needs and concerns of the wider NGSC community.

Using the latest data, we have also identified what the planning group believe are the four priorities which are key to ensuring the ongoing health and wellbeing of our residents. These priority areas are the foundation for this plan and the associated strategies and outcomes.

For a second consecutive edition of this document document, we have also included an objective based around the needs of our children. No asset more accurately reflects the concept of the future than our children, who will grow to become the leaders of our Shire. Therefore, it is imperative that we ensure they inherit a shire which is focused upon our collective health and wellbeing.