Cat & Dog Registration

All cats and dogs from the age of 12-weeks-of-age need to be registered and permanently implanted with a microchip. Once registered the Council issued registration tag should be attached to the animal's collar which should remain on your dog or cat at all times.

Each April you will receive a renewal notice for your pet's registration. If you would like to receive your renewal notice via email, please ensure Council have your correct email address. Fees can be paid at Council's Customer Service Centres.


Cat and Dog Registration Fees(PDF, 78KB)


For animals that are sterilised and microchipped, VCA or FCC registered, over 10 years old and carry an identifying microchip, a reduced fee applies.

The 'onus of proof' of any of the above is on the applicant. Documentation should be forwarded with e.g. written proof of sterilisation, to support the application.

If the animal's details have changed from the description on the registration notice, please indicate and forward the appropriate supporting documents.

Registration of dangerous and restricted breed dogs within Northern Grampians Shire.

In July 2005 Council supported the move to refuse to register dogs declared dangerous (other than guard dogs) including those deemed to be a restricted breed dog.

Declared dangerous dogs and restricted breed dogs (including Pit Bull Terriers) cannot be registered with Northern Grampians Shire Council.

Maximum numbers of cat/dogs

The maximum number of dogs and/or cats allowed on one property is as follows:

Less than two hectares in area - two dogs and two cats

More than two hectares in area - four dogs and four cats

If you have more than the allowed number of cats/dogs you will need to apply for an Excess Animal Permit.

The fee for an excess or prohibited animal permit is $74.20

Cat Ban in Halls Gap

Halls Gap became a cat free zone on 21 October 1993.

No occupier of property in the Halls Gap area (maps 35,36 and 37 of the Northern Grampians Planning Scheme) may keep a cat in their possession.

This is unless the cat was living before this date.

If you are caught housing cat(s) in a cat free zone, Council will enforce a "Notice to Comply". Offenders may receive infringements of up to $100.

If you know someone that may have cat(s) or kitten(s) and they are residing in the cat free zone please contact Council on 03 5358 8700.