Food & Nutrition

  • Children are served a nutritious meal for lunch.
  • Morning & afternoon tea is also provided and consists of fruit and high energy foods.
  • Parents and educators are consulted in regards to children's nutritional needs and individual dietary requirements are met.
  • Where children have a known food allergy this is to be conveyed to our staff and appropriate food is made available.
  • Multi-cultural food is included in the menu

Sample Menu


Morning Tea: Fruit platter & Pancakes 
Lunch: Chicken & vegetable risotto 
Afternoon Tea: Peaches & Ice-cream 


Morning Tea: Fruit platter & raisin toast 
Lunch: Baked vegetable lasagne & garlic bread
Afternoon Tea: Savoury platter, biscuits & dips 


Morning Tea: Fruit platter& wholemeal muffins
Lunch: Roast lamb, roast vegetables, cauliflower bake & peas
Afternoon Tea: Savoury scones 


Morning Tea: Fruit platter & crumpets
Lunch: Tuna & 
vegetable pasta bake
Afternoon Tea: pizza scrolls 


Morning Tea: Fruit platter & whole meal Toast 
Lunch: Beef, tomato & bean tortillas
Afternoon Tea: Apple Muffins cooking experience with Lynette
Milk & Water offered with meals 

Fresh fruit & yoghurt available after each mea