Changing Your Details

Change of Ownership

When ownership of a property changes, liability for the payment of rates and charges remains with the owner recorded in Council records until Council receives a Notice of Disposition from the vendor or Solicitor or conveyancer. Failure to submit a notice within one month of a transfer may result in substantial penalties to vendors.

Change of Address

If you have changed, or are about to change your address please notify Council in writing. To download a Change of Address form to facilitate this Click here >>>

Change of Name

If your name has changed from that recorded in Council records, please notify Council in writing and supply documentary evidence of the change. To download a Change of Name form to facilitate this Click here >>>

Change of Tenant

If we are addressing your rate and valuation notices to someone who is no longer responsible for payment of them, please notify Council in writing of such a change. To download a Change of Tenant/Ratepayer form Click here >>>

Changing Your Details

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Proposal to change Waterway Rules - Lake Lonsdale and Lake Fyans

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Current Public Notices

The Local Government Act 1989 requires that a Council must ensure that any public notice required to be given by the Council is published on the internet website.


Northern Grampians Shire Council is the proud winner of two categories and the National Award in the National Awards for Local Government 2013.


Proposed Western Highway Duplication - Ararat to Stawell.
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